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lazyscanslators's Journal

Indignation Scans
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Welcome! You have stumbled upon the elusive community of the lazy scanslators! Otherwise known as...

indignation scanlations

Or we will be. Eventually.

Here at Indignation scans, we specialize in manga and doujinshi of the Tales universe variety. Of course we will be embarking from this as soon as we get a few projects underway and are on our feet. However due to the generous contributions of others (along with our own guilty indulgences) we seem to be pretty backlogged with Zeloyd stuff and Tear/Luke porn. And, as we are mostly using this project as a way to expand our own knowledge of Japanese, it's a slow pace.

Our current projects are as follows:

~Tales of Symphonia (the official manga)
-Cranberry Red (Zeloyd 18+)
-Childhood (Zeloyd)

~Tales of the Abyss (the official manga)
-MelonMelon (Tear/Luke 18+)
-Sankaku Uma (Tear and Natalia 18+)
-Tiaroku (Tear/Luke 18+)
-Powdery Snow (Tear/Luke)
-Phantom Crash (Tear/Luke)
-Baby Kiss (Peony/Jade)
-Nora/Jadi? (Jade/Dist)

~Rinnetensei (Gensou Suikoden)
~Kokuyougouta (Full Metal Alchemist)
~Golden Sun 4-koma Gag Battle (Golden Sun)


If you have an official manga (ex. Tales of Symphonia 4-koma, Tales of the Abyss official manga) or doujinshi you want to see scanslated, send it our way! Just upload it to YouSendIt/MegaUpload/any other similar service and e-mail the download link to vyctori[at]livejournal[dot]com. Right now, we're a bit short on het, so that would be nice, although we'd appreciate anything at this point.

We do have a few requirements, though:

1. Please make sure the scans are at least 1000 pixels wide. All kanji and/or furigana should be legible.

2. Please scan at a minimum of 200-300 dpi. This helps ensure higher image quality and better clarity.

3. I know this should be common sense, but please scan the whole doujinshi/manga if you're sending something.

Thank you! ♥

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